HappyMongo is an organization built with the confidence of like minded talents, with a passion for creativity and innovation. It was started with a vision of creating educational tools to empower individuals and offer holistic development in terms of communication, aptitude and personality. We currently have collaborated with a set of qualified professionals like teachers, researchers, software developers, and administrators. The team ever since has been developing and innovating products such as language labs, brain-training simulation games, colouring apps, etc., to help learns excel in their area of interest.


Chief Executive Officer

Jayanthi Ramesh

Director Marketing

Joshua Schulman

VP Skills Development(America)

Vivek Jayaraj

Chief Marketing Officer

Bhuwan Yadav

Head Of Research

Sejal Samar

VP - Business Development

Megha Naveen

Sales Head

Dr Akshay Jadhav

MD Pediatrics, Clinical Director