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Integrated Virtual Reality Classroom

Virtual Reality Coding for Kids

Growcraft is the world's first 3D / virtual reality visual coding program for young students between the age of 8 to 14. It provides an engaging and experiential platform for VR-based computer coding as well as 3D and spacial design.

Easy Coding, Easy Learning

Growcraft provides a simplified way for young students to learn how to code. By using simple drag-and-drop commands, students can program a world of their imagination.

Scenery Settings and Mass Built-in Models

Growcraft has six different scenery settings including ocean, micro-world, intelligent port, race track and city where students can freely explore and create.

Virtual Reality Lab Installation

Our technical team consists of technician and education specialist who are fully aware of the technology and use it with ease. They are capable of conducting training session to teach other teachers to successfully manoeuvre from traditional teaching methods to new technologies like Virtual classrooms.

What we offer

World's first 3D and VR coding software program designed to engage students and spark their interests in coding and world class VR Classroom setup with content.

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