World's first
Live colouring book.

Doodles colouring concept is first of it's kind,
for nurturing the inquisitive creative minds.
It's a perfect combo of a colouring book and an app,
which promise to create a magical experience.
The app entices little ones into the world of colours,
as they watch their coloured pictures come alive in
the form of 3d animations.
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Your child's drawings come alive!
Doddles is a must try and not so expensive colouring combo pack for kids to have fun, as they evolve through the process. The high quality colouring sheets of the book have been carefully crafted and designed, keeping in mind the wavering interest level and attention span of children.
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The perfect gift for your child!
An electrifying creative experience!
When the child feels monotonous to colours, ask them to look at the image through the app in your mobile phone. They will be fascinated to see the image come alive. They will want to colour more to see how the images look or transform with the colours they have chosen.
Colouring encourages your child to shift their attention away from the television/video games Kindling their interests at an early age, help to employ their cognitive skills and enhance their curiosity The bold strokes and usage of colours, reflects their confidence. The intricate designing and attention to fine details, display their focus and perfection!
Logic will take your child from A to B. Imagination will take them everywhere. Drawing colouring is a visual impression of your child's thoughts/perception. It offers a child the freedom to think out of the box!
Every child is born creative. The challenge is to keep the creativity alive Key resource here is time. Kids need a lot of time for unstructured, child directed, imaginative play

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A crayon is probably the first writing tool introduced to a child and colouring as an activity offers many added advantage. It exercises those tender muscles to become strong and stimulate the child's hand-eye coordination. It also helps in fine tuning their motor skills such as holding, grasping, control over hand muscle and strong wrist.