Holistic Development

Blossom is a unique combination of amazing workbooks, web and mobile apps to help your child develop language and life skills

Shaping life's ladder!

Innovative Approach

Innovative story based activities designed to improve listening, speaking,

reading, writing skills, Arithmetic and G.K through a combination of hardcover activity books,

web / mobile app and cognitives


What to expect in 10 months of practice?

Nurturing young minds!


The program motivates your child through interesting stories which continue every month in episodes.

Worksheets are carefully embedded inside the stories, and are designed with the child's attention span in mind.

The best answers are rewarded with real gifts and toys!!

Steel your determinations!

Speed Reading

Blossoms includes an amazing tool designed to increase your child's reading speed while maintaining complete attention and concentration.

Maximise your potential!


Childhood language acquisition begins through listening. A child listens, imitates and then moves on to

the next process to develop the skills of a language subconsciously.

Listening, the secret to discover!


Worksheets containing exercises relating to different skills are carefully embedded in stories,keeping in mind

the age group, interest levels and attention span of your child.

Stimulate your creativity!


Our spelling tutorial improves your child's spelling by focusing on correct pronunciation.

The best way to sharpen your skills is to use them!

Assessment and Progression

Measure your Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills and know your progression by taking online exams at regular intervals

Sharpen your skills!

Brain Training

Powerful games designed to help the child improve attention, memory, and concentration.

I hear, I forget I see, I remember I do, I understand I play, I discover

Redefine your boundaries!

What you'll be getting?

Combination of activity books + Digital workbooks + Skill based games

Splashing the palette of knowledge!