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Listed below are downloadable step-by-step pictorial guide of various models and functions that you can choose to train the system. The pictorial guide is furnished with simple explanation and colour screenshot for easy understanding and implementation of machine learning system. You are welcome to offer suggestions in terms of improving an existing worksheet, adding new worksheet or by contributing new project worksheets.


  • Make a Character Reacts to Inputs.


  • Open GiftBox on Face Detection


  • Let's Judge Your Shape


  • Let's Judge Your Emotion


  • Let's Judge the Color


  • What We say who are you?


  • Check whose sound it's

Color Pattern

  • Judge the color pattern

Claps Squeak

  • Check either sound is clap or squeak

Disney Land

  • Welcome To Disney Land

Mini Says

  • Let Mini Judge the color pattern


  • Predict the color with your sound

Phone Lock

  • Unlock Your Device


  • Learn about continents.

Twitter Analysis

  • Analyze your tweets.

Shy Elephant

  • Elephant will react based on your mood.

Rock Paper Scissor

  • Build Rock Paper Scissor Game

Chat Bot

  • Build your own chat bot


  • Count how many people there in crowd

Image Sort

  • Sort The image of Car & Cup

Apparel Detection

  • Check which apparel you wearing

Helmet Detection

  • Check either you wearing helmet or not

Safety Security

  • Build Safety Security Game

Traffic Signal

  • Build Traffic Signal System

Object Detection

  • Detect the Image which it's

Terrestrial Sort

  • Sort terrestrial images by land, air, water

Virtual Assistant

  • Build your own virtual assistant

Good Bad Practice

  • Build Good Bad Practice system

Eye Detection

  • Build system to detect eye.

Wardrobe Count

  • Count your wardrobe clothes.

Video Square

Rock Paper Scissor

Say with Gestures

Sitting or Standing

Doodle Classifier

Pose Net Video Music

Pose Net

Pac Man




Addition Web Worker

Boston Housing

Cart Pole

Custom Layer

Data Csv

Data Generator

Date Conversion

Iris FitDataset

Jena Weather

Text Generation


Mnist Acgan

Mnist Core

Mnist Transfer Cnn

Polynomial Regression

Polynomial Regression Core


Website Phishing


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