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    Machine Learning
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    Artificial Intelligence
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    Make your children future ready
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Your kids can teach the Computer now!

World's first Artificial Intelligence coding through

From GRADE 6 to 9

Parents want their children to realise that technologies can be used for beyond playing and entertainment. Children trying to understand and stepping up to create them can mean preparing themselves for their future endeavours.

By offering children hands-on experience in Artificial Intelligence we give them an opportunity to come with ideas to minimise the effort they put in completing a job or find solutions to problems.

What is Machine Learning for Kids?

Imagine if children who have the passion for technology are offered an opportunity to self-tutor and create projects like digital games that they enjoy playing. Yes! Machine Learning for Kids does exactly that. It offers hands-on-experience to children as small as 7 years to train in machine learning and equip themselves to build projects from scratch.

The Web-based application contains an easy-to-use guided environment where children can train the models they choose to detect text, numbers, images or sound. Then moves on to learn and implement coding with help from platforms like ‘Scratch’ and ‘App Inventor’.

Why choose us?

We are all surrounded by machine learning systems and unconsciously learn to use it in our day to day life like spam filters, recommendation engines, language translation services, chatbots and digital assistants, search engines and fraud detection systems.

As time progresses, it would not be surprising if machine learning systems are implemented to drive our cars, help doctors to diagnose and treat our illnesses or even place order on our behalf by observing our purchase patterns.

It's important that our children are aware of how the world works. The best way to do it would be to make them experience the capabilities and consequences of these technologies by allowing them to build it on their own.

About ‘Machine Learning for Kids’

It is a ready to use web- based tool which does not require installation. Yet, it is a controlled system as the tutor - be it a teacher at school or a group head at individual coding clubs, can administer, manage and monitor their students activities and progress.

Thanks to the inventor Dale Lane. Machine Learning For Kids


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