Why just color your imagination when you can bring them to life.

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The MagicWall is designed to mystically scan the images coloured by the children and project it on a wall designed with an amazing virtual 3d environment for this very purpose. The children will witness their coloured images springing into life the very instant they appear on the wall.

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HappyMongo has designed an enhanced technology that combines both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to capture the children’s coloured images and project it on a virtual 3d environment to perform predefined actions assigned to it.

Visualise the Experience

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For instance, if the virtual 3d environment is of an aquarium the children can colour a variety of fishes on the colouring pages and allow it to be scanned. This is where all the magic begins. The image of the fish will be projected on the wall and that very instant will spring to life and begin to swim. As the fish’s images are uploaded one after the other, it will look like the aquarium is filled with a variety of fishes that are happily swimming across the wall.

Immersed so deep that it bring out the joy of colouring.

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There are no overlaps or colliding of images on the wall which ensures the children experience a sense of magic. This immersive experience will build a strong bond between the child and their colouring habit. This immersive experience will kindle the interest and creativity hidden within them.

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